Glenn Conner

Work experience

Staff Software engineer

Full stack engineer and team lead for the Brocade Services Director product web UI (built using Python and Javascript). Architect and technical lead for a next generation web UI platform currently being adopted across all Brocade software products based on Node.js, React.js & Redux.

Staff Software engineer

Responsible for building technology acquired from Aptimize into Riverbed's product portfolio. Wrote reliable, high performance HTTP server code in C++ that transformed and optimized large volumes of web traffic. Co-authored a pending patent related to optimizing web assets loaded via Javascript. Built a distributed test automation system using Node.js, Python, LXC, and Vagrant.

Software development engineer

First employee at Aptimize, a startup that created some of the worlds first automated runtime web performance optimization technology. Involved in the design and development of the initial prototypes through to the final market ready products using C++ and C#. Aptimize was successfully acquired by Riverbed Technolgies in 2011.


Bachelor of Engineering with Honors

Majored in Software engineering. Graduated in top 5% of college of sciences at Massey University, awarded Massey Scholarship.

Publications and personal projects

Junkship - A game that utilizes procedural algorithms to dynamically generate detailed 3D solar systems using GPU processing. Built using C++, DirectX 11, and HLSL.

Syncappate - A service that allows you to sync, back-up, and share the settings from your favorite Windows and OSX applications. Built using Node.js, React.js, C++, C#, Objective-C, and Swift.

A Raspberry Pi based Wifi enabled Garden sprinkler system that can be controlled via a built in web UI or by HomeKit compatible Apps. Built using Node.js, React.js, and Redux.

Holland B., Conner G., Huber K., Moulton V. Imputing supertrees and supernetworks from quartets. Systematic biology, 2007 Feb;56(1):57-67

Languages and technologies

Proficient in C++, Javascript (both browser and Node.js), C#, and HTML/CSS. Previous experience with Python, C, Java, Swift, Objective-C, PHP, Lua, SQL, MongoDB, and HLSL.